It IS Personal

February 15, 2012

Most people have a deep psychological need to stand out from the crowd, to be treated with respect and to relate with others on a personal level—especially when it comes to forking over hard-earned dollars for a product or service. Yet, most people would agree that there is a severe lack of personal “connectedness” in a majority of business dealings these days. It’s as if companies have put their employees through training at the local DMV. What’s up with THAT? Why is it that so many companies really don’t seem to care anymore?

Creating a sophisticated system for gathering, organizing and utilizing "primary data" from Customers and Prospects is the engine for Personalized Marketing.

Look at it this way. Think about the last time you saw an ad on TV for a limited time, significantly discounted service (banks, mobile phones and satellite TV services come to mind).  Now, think about how YOU felt—you, the customer who had had just signed up for that service  just two months before, with no special offer. You’ll have to admit that it made you a bit upset when the ad clearly states, “for new accounts only.” Heck with you, Customer! That’s the downside with most advertising and marketing communications.  The bulk of it is still lowest-common-denominator, one-size-fits-all, broadcast-dependent messaging.  One could surmise that the carefree blanketing of ads everywhere is a reflection of their impersonal approach to doing business.

Here’s the good news. It really doesn’t have to be that way anymore. With standards and expectations at an all-time low, opportunity abounds! What if you could deliver a marketing campaign message that was tailored to the individual’s unique needs and personal desires, and actually provided the relevant information about your brand, product or service that was customized to them? You can! And you should!

Personalized Marketing is now a proven methodology that is a vital differentiator for brands, and should SERIOUSLY be considered as a way of doing business–for the good of the prospect, your customer and most importantly, for you. We’ll save you the techno-babble, but it involves a commitment to utilizing marketing to gather primary, user-generated data; a system for organizing the data; and the practical application of advanced communications technology (termed “digital variable”) to produce and deliver the message directly to the right person.

We’ve been pioneering and perfecting Personalized Marketing for over 12 years and have been a leader in developing the necessary corporate mindset, processes, technology and creative development techniques necessary to achieve true, authentic, personal communications. And by the way, did I mention that the results are 100% measurable and truly mind-blowing?  We can prove it!


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