Who Is The Man Behind The Curtain?

Gerry Brewer is the Founder, CEO of Voltage Factory, Inc. in Atlanta, GA and a 30 year veteran of data-driven, technology marketing.  His 8 + years with Ogilvy&Mather Direct served as his real world PhD, and opened his eyes to what’s wrong with marketing (way too much waste, not enough measurability) and, more importantly, what’s possible through data and technology! In fact, his very last meeting before departing O&M was with David Ogilvy himself, who inspired him to go out and shake up the ad world. For over 12 years, Voltage Factory has been a transformational resource for marketing and sales organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Voltage Factory offers Brand organizations BREAKTHROUGH ways for identifying and reaching HIGH OPPORTUNITY PROSPECTS and CUSTOMERS, engaging them in a TWO-WAY exchange of information so that the sales and marketing process becomes much more personal and relevant for them. Think DIRECT MARKETING ON STEROIDS.  In turn, this empowers Brands to:

  1. STAND APART from their competition.
  2. Connect PERSONALLY (with High Opportunity Prospects and Customers).
  3. Get all Stakeholders (marketing, sales, distributors, etc.) WORKING TOGETHER, on the same team, in pursuit of the same common goals.
  4. MEASURE and ANALYZE virtually EVERY aspect of the Sales and Marketing process.
  5. Honestly and objectively FIND OUT WHAT WORKS and DO MORE OF IT!

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